Top 3 Health trends for 2017 That Probably Don’t Know


The new health trends for 2017 are coming now and you better find out what they are!

Anti-inflammatory foods

You must have heard it. Curcumin, turmeric, fish oil (omega 3) etc. These are rapidly becomes staples in our pantries

According to Well and Good: “Inflammation-fighting foods are making up more of your grocery bill.”

These have been used for years in countries like India and other parts of Asia, and are now become staple seasonings in the western world due to their natural way of dealing with inflammation.

Active is the new relaxation

Ever heard of the phrase: “You need to relax!”

Most people when they associate relaxation and taking a break or time off it always goes together with lying on a couch and watching tv or sleeping the night away and just “staying at home”.

Well, if you are like most people who work at offices, then going home and staying sedentary is NOT the solution.

Our body is actually tired of the sedentary lifestyle of being sitting down all day and so it’s shouting for fitness/activity.

Believe it or not, our body thrives and adapts when put in any active environment that requires lots of moving and man power (as opposed to just brain power).

Give it a shot, and next time your friends want to relax, as them to go for a hike or a run in the park.

Vegan, Gluten-free, protein balls are all going mainstream

Remembered the days when we saw that friend of ours who was a vegan, or that only ate gluten-free like a hippy weirdo?

Well not anymore my friends, going for a meal with a group in cities like San Francisco, Austin or even Melbourne, Australia will see you having people who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, and plant-based protein lovers all in one table.

Our advice? Get used to is as these trends are here to stay!

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